We meet as a church family together on Sundays and through the week in Life Groups and at a range of different activities.

Sunday Meeting
On Sundays our meetings start at 10.30am. Our meetings are relaxed, informal and relevant to modern life. 

  • We expect to experience the presence of God. We want our worship of God to be joyful, creative and expressive.
  • We love the Bible and give time for a talk making the truth of the Bible clear and relevant to life.
  • We provide a safe and fun environment for babies. There are separate children's groups for under 3s and 4-11s.
  • We want visitors to feel welcome and comfortable and we invite you to stay at the end of the meeting for tea, coffee and chat.

You can join us through the week...
At our Life groups that meet in homes near you, to encourage one another in our relationship with Jesus and to build friendship and reach out to those around us.
At our Youth work, monthly on a Sunday afternoon and bi-weekly on a Sunday evening.

Find out more...
If you would like to find out more, then contact the Church Office on 01743 272 465. If  you would like to discover more about God, then talk to us as about joining our Alpha Course, which is an excellent way to get to know people from our community and explore what Christians believe.