As an Evangelical Church we subscribe to the doctrinal Basis of Faith of the Evangelical Alliance (UK). 

These central beliefs are the foundation for ten key values that underlie the ministries of this church:

  • The authority of the Bible as God's word in declaring the only way to salvation and principals of church life.
  • Water baptism is for all believers as a public declaration of their faith in Christ. It is required for membership.
  • Baptism in the Holy Spirit brings a genuine release of God's power to believers, linked to New Testament spiritual gifts.
  • Church membership involves each person taking an active role in the local church and making a financial commitment to it.
  • The active involvement in children and young people in the life of the church.
  • The oversight and direction of the local church is exercised by the elders in conjunction with the wider leadership team.
  • A commitment to pastoral care which seeks to equip individual believers to fulfil God's calling and demonstrate the fruit of the Holy Spirit.
  • A recognition of the value of travelling ministries to equip and support local churches.
  • A wide ranging approach to evangelism through personal friendship, social groupings, small groups, gospel preaching and working for social justice.
  • A recognition that we are only part of the wider body of Christ. We seek to relate to and encourage all true believers.