What are Life groups?

They are groups of all types of people from all types of background who encourage, care and support each other through friendship and honesty as they live out their faith in everyday life. 

It's about life, doing it together with God.
They regularly gather together, often in a home, for times of encouragement through worship, teaching, prayer and discussion. But the groups aren't limited to the meetings, so each group has it's own unique character and ways of having fun!

Lifegroups are also a safe place to grow in spiritual gifts.  Have you ever wondered if you could speak in tongues or bring a prophetic word, but didn't want to risk it in front of the crowd? In a lifegroup you are free to explore the depths of God's gifts for us amongst friends.

Some of our ministries in the community double as lifegroups, allowing the teams to be cared for on a more personal level without their diaries exploding.